One Source

Reve UK pride ourselves in being the single source partner for businesses in the automotive and power industries.

Reve UK has a very strong global sourcing team with purchasing experiences and expertise in the automotive and power sectors. We are now the official global sourcing centre for four major automotive companies. Our technical experts in engines are top experts in the UK. With our technology knowhow and extensive sourcing experience, Reve UK is your best single sourcing partner in the automotive and power industries.

We have contracts with nearly 300 suppliers to supply us products which will suit your application. Working with our global sourcing team gives you the following benefits:

  • Lower administration cost due to the fact that we are your one-point contact for all your purchasing needs, especially in the European Union.
  • Central UK warehouse for global distribution. Wherever you are, we package your products or kits in our own central UK warehouse and distribute to you with our long-term freight forwarding partners.
  • Special technical support on all your engine components. Our global sourcing department has the best engine experts in the UK , we can provide you with hands-on support for all your sourcing requirements.
  • Professional design and project management. Our purchasing engineers can develop your concept into 3D CAD drawings and prototypes. We manage your project from day one till serial production date.
  • Lower purchasing cost. Because we work with almost 300 top automotive manufacturers in the world for many years, we have lower purchasing costs for majority of the products.
  • Better quality. Every single supplier has undergone and passed a very tough selection process carried out by Reve UK, so that you don’t have to deal with all the evaluation work. All the products we supply are proven to be working perfectly in your equipment so that you have peace of mind.
  • Better warranty. Due to the volume of business we do, most of our suppliers offer us extended warranty which we pass on to our customers. You benefit from longer warranty supported jointly by Reve UK and our suppliers.

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