There is a new technology out there for banishing rust for good. Surprisingly it is not sandpaper or emery cloths, but something straight out of science fiction.

The new way of removing rust is by a 1000 watt laser called the P-Laser QF-1000. It literally blasts away the rust right down to the bare metal. Apparently it uses short pulses of laser light, and when it is aimed at a metal surface, the dirt and any oxides will absorb the energy and evaporate. However the metal underneath does not absorb the laser energy, and thus leaves behind the bare metal.

Amazingly the laser cannot harm human flesh at all. You could point the laser at your hand and you would feel no ill effects at all. As usual with all laser products, pointing anything at your eyes though is definitely not a good idea.

Of course don’t go running out to buy one of these beasts just to clean your bike right now as it will set you back at least $53,000. I think it might be cheaper to actually buy a new car, or a new bike rather than the laser cleaner, so it isn’t for the hobby enthusrust2iast just yet, unless you can beg, borrow or steal one.

However just at the moment though, if you are an affluent garage owner this device might be the answer to your prayers.