The Jaguar success story is finally back on track, and Jaguar Land Rover has seen a growth of 18% in every country.

Astoundingly it is selling very well in China, with the main models, the `Discovery Sport`, the `XE` and the `F-Space`. The sales in China are up by 9300 units.

The `Discovery Sport` has been produced in China for a couple of years now, and now they are ramping up the sales. Jaguar have sold 50,000 units this year which is very good news, as before this they were under performing in the JLR stable.

This is also very good news for British car manufacturing since the first `Land Rover Discovery Sport` rolled off the production line at Halewood in Liverpool over two years ago, they are doing very well. The `Discovery Sport` alone has led to an extra 250 jobs at the plant.

Also the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Solihull is doing very well and 200,000 families are reaping the benefits of Land Rover’s success, mainly due to the `Jaguar XE`. Apparently the Solihull branch represents one of the largest manufacturing growth stories in the UK for a generation, and they have trebled production and doubled their workforce in just five years.jaguarplant

Jaguar Land Rover has five sites now in Britain at Castle Bromwich, Solihull, Liverpool, Gaydon and Whitley, and they are expanding all over the world, selling cars in over 178 countries.

The biggest challenge now will be upping production levels to meet this demand. Even though Jaguar Land Rover has plants in China, and India, we produced nearly 400,000 cars in Great Britain. JLR are currently in talks about manufacturing cars in Austria because the demand is so great.

Well done Land Rover Jaguar.