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main_logoReve UK Limited is based in the West Midlands Region of the United Kingdom. We are a UK-based company operational since 2008. Reve UK covers a few business sectors, traditionally we have been in the automotive and power sector and we own the ‘Auring’ brand name in the Automotive Sector. Since early 2016, we have started the process of setting up our construction material arm of the company and this arm will use our EU registered brand name ‘Greenzart’.

At the moment, under our Automotive Arm, we trade Jaguar Land Rover parts as well as our series of power products and sensor products. With our new arm of the company, we have put in place a full E-commerce website to trade construction and home renovation materials including, but not limited to, floor and wall tiles, wood flooring, carpets, brick slips etc.

With our excellent connections  and expertise in international trading, Reve UK can provide our customers with best value products and first-class customer service.

We are constantly expanding our product range, and improving our customer services on all products we sell worldwide.

Latest News

Banish Rust Forever

There is a new technology out there for banishing rust for good. Surprisingly it is not sandpaper or emery cloths, but something straight out of science fiction. The new way of removing rust is by a 1000 watt laser called the P-Laser QF-1000. It literally blasts away...

Back On Track For Land Rover Jaguar

The Jaguar success story is finally back on track, and Jaguar Land Rover has seen a growth of 18% in every country. Astoundingly it is selling very well in China, with the main models, the `Discovery Sport`, the `XE` and the `F-Space`. The sales in China are up by...

The Biggest Engine In The World

The Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C is the world’s most powerful diesel engine. The Wärtsilä is manufactured in Finland and has enough power to light up an entire town, approximately 80080 KW of power. When you have engines that are bigger than houses you wonder how they...